Frisco Video Editing Editor

4ourth Wall Media is a full service Frisco video editing company. Our editors have a passion for creativity and the savvy know-how to meet your post-production needs.


Video has become such a powerful means to market your business or share personal events. Print is still strong, however, people love video! The images make us feel and become emotionally attached.


The heart of a great video is great editing. Nobody wants to sit through uncut video or fast-forward through the boring parts.


Filters, effects, sounds, and a lot of other editing mumbo jumbo add to the quality of your video. Editing results in a better impression of the message you are trying to convey.


The influx of new technology and gear has made video editing in Frisco TX more accessible for a variety of projects. Sophisticated programs enable a smooth editing process with no gaps.


Frisco Video editing uses only professional software to edit your footage to ensure your final product is of superior quality.


Our Frisco video editor can lay the final touches of personalization onto your film or video. Some visual effects and sound created by Frisco video editing are:


  • Text
  • Filters
  • Overlays
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music


Our Frisco TX videographer is experienced in all platforms of video such as industrial, music, on-line, television commercials, and weddings.


Video editing is something that is affordable nowadays and should not be overlooked. You have put a lot of time and effort into your footage and we want to make sure the message of your story comes across loud and clear.


4ourth Wall Media editors really love what they do and feel communication between themselves and the client is the most important element in what they do. We welcome your ideas and feedback.


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