McKinney Motion Graphics Designer

Logos are up and down, all around, and everywhere. The images stick in our mind and we can recall them faster than the quotient of a multiplication problem. Logos make a brand memorable.


4ourth Wall Media motion graphics designer in McKinney TX can help you become memorable through motion design. Motion graphics are a combination of shapes, illustration, lettering, and logos put into motion to tell a story.


The art of motion graphics is not new. Some believe its existence began as early as the cave man era. Their drawings depict the motion of their daily activities. From our earliest existence, pictures have been an effective way to get our message across.


The paleo era diet may be all the rage but as a modern society, you have to admit, we love the advent and advancements in technology. The motion graphics in McKinney TX are designed using the most up to date software. Our designers totally geek over new products!


McKinney motion graphics can help boost your business! Viewers enjoy short bits that inform and entertain. A visually stimulating design is very effective at keeping the attention of your viewer. Often times a concept is better understood when it is visualized.


The human brain can only process so much information given at a particular time. This is why visual aids are extremely useful.


Motion graphics can be found on:


  • Electronic billboards
  • Music Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Movies


The McKinney motion graphics designer at 4ourth Wall can help you design or animate your current logo. Our designers are energetic and absolutely love artistic design!


Give us a call to find out how our motion graphics designer in McKinney TX can bring your brand to life. Our full production media company will meet all of your graphic design needs. We will work with you to bring your vision into motion.