McKinney Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Choosing the right wedding photographer in McKinney TX is a tough job.


4ourth Wall Media is a local full service media company specializing in wedding photography in McKinney TX.


Your wedding day is worth investing in a skilled photographer. Our wedding photographer in McKinney TX is an expert professional in their field.


The technical ability of our McKinney wedding photographer is matched with personal investment to make sure your love story is captured in photographs.


Our wedding photographer in McKinney TX has amazing aesthetic and an eye for detail. Always a watchful eye with anticipation so no shot is missed.


The photographers at 4ourth Wall Media are experienced with many wedding styles. We will accommodate the mood and feel of your special day in your photos.


Different styles of wedding photography are:


  • Photojournalism: The emphasis is on candid shots with few to none posed portraits. Based on reality.
  • Fine Art: The finished photos resemble a work of art that could be a piece in someone‚Äôs home.
  • Traditional Portraiture: The emphasis is on portraits. Nothing too artistic or crazy.
  • Illustrative: Nice blend of Photojournalism and Traditional. People are placed together, however, the shots are candid and spontaneous.


Our team values the hopes and dreams of your special day. We want to know your goals and any focus you have in mind. We want to make sure your finished photos accurately portray your story.


There are big savings from now until August on our wedding package. Included are 2 videographers, 1 photographer, and 3-4 minute highlight video, as well as a video capturing the ceremony and reception.


We have several options to meet your budget. Contact us to learn more about our McKinney wedding photography packages.