Plano Video Editing

4ourth Wall Media is a Plano video editing company that can aid you in the completion of your video project.

Whether your aim is online, television, and everything in between our Plano video editor has the latest technology and equipment to trim, re-sequence, and add special effects.

Some types of video editing in Plano TX are:

  • Training Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Music Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Web Videos
  • Live Events
  • College Applications

Plano video editing will be happy to professionally edit and offer feedback for your student so they may have that extra edge while applying to colleges.

Do you have a budding athlete, musician, or excelling student applying for a school scholarship? Personalizing their application with a short documentary of their high school academic and personal accomplishments allows students to stand out from the rest.

Some ways to make your student video essay stand out from the rest are:

  • Have a plan to help you stay focuses
  • Speak naturally and communicate clearly
  • Be sure to show your face
  • Make it memorable
  • Be genuine

Additionally, our Plano video editing department can convert your old films into dvd’s or Blue-Ray discs for your viewing pleasure. Your old or new videos can also be converted to files that can be uploaded to social media sites so that you may share with distant family and friends.

Our Plano TX Videographer realizes at the end of the day this video is your project. We value your vision and want to make sure your ideas are represented in the finished product.

The Plano video editing company is a full service production company. The videographers guide their client from concept, shooting, to editing.  We really love what we do.